Secrets to Date Night Dress Success!

Secrets to Date Night Dress Success!

Date nights can be nerve-wrecking sometimes! You want to look your best but have no clue on what to wear. Not to mention, you are running late... Saying goes, "if you look good, you feel good". We can definitely AGREE with this! FIRST impressions MATTER!!! Take a look at these date night fashion tip!

  • Dress for the Occasion & Location: Often times, we tend to overthink the our attire. As a result, we become off-track and dismiss the occasion  & location at which we are dressing for to begin with (sigh). Keep the this in mind at all times! It will help filter your clothing options!

  • Wear Soft Colors: Soft colors are inviting and still noticeable. They whisper (not scream) "look at me" to your audience and date! Now, we all love a nice black outfit, but let's try to avoid black. Especially for a first date!
  • Layers on Layers: Layering helps to bring your outfit! It adds a pop to it - whether you're laying colors or fabrics. Even layering jewelry is an option! Laying jewelry gives you a more opulent look and compliment your attire. *SN: Too much layering can be overwhelming. Too much layering mostly applies to clothing.
  • Clothing Details: Patterns are a great way to stand out from the crowd. A great, unique pattern will draw a crowd 😉 - meaning you'll get so many compliments! Other additions include: lace, leather, embellishments, etc. Clothing details had character!
  • Keep It Sophisticated & Comfy: Above all, we have to keep it classy. You know, "lady in the streets" type of sophisticated. But of course, offer a hence of sexy!!! We want to them to wonder. We want to leave something for the imagination. More importantly, make sure you are comfortable! The last thing you want is to be wobbling in a pair of heels you can't walk in. Or to be uncomfortable entirely to where you can't enjoy.
  • Express Yourself: Never lose yourself! Make sure you incorporate your own style in the mix. People are MOST comfortable when they are able to express themselves.

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