VoyageDallas Magazine Interview - JAce LeVon

VoyageDallas Magazine Interview - JAce LeVon

Alright nah! It has been a heck of journey thus far. So much to learn and do! So, I decided to blog it (that as well as other stuff). This blog in particular will be exceptionally short and sweet. So, let's get to the point...

I interviewed with VoyageDallas Magazine. I was offered this opportunity to talk about (me and) my brand. It was actually pretty fun. Honestly, I'm still soaking it all in. To be at this point only means one thing - we are GROWING! Our customer base has grown as well. It means we are worthy! Yes, it is baby steps BUT things can only get better from here. It is the first of many great things to come. Click here to check out the interview!

 (Previously Pictured: Heaven Sweater Dress, Panther Leo Earrings)

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